Monday, July 26, 2010

Zebra Print Sheets and Glasses...

Yesterday after church, Mom and I headed to do a little shopping. I needed to find a few shirts to go with some outfits, and I also wanted to pick up my new glasses!! I have never worn glasses (always contacts) so the old pair I have, I never wore anywhere but at home....except for once when I HAD to wear them. I recently decided I wanted some cuter ones to possibly wear out and about, so I had been on the lookout for some. I ordered them this past Thursday, and they weren't supposed to be in until this Thursday...BUT Saturday afternoon we got a call saying they were in.

I thought the case they came in was just adorable!! Very shiny and red...cute! :)

You'll just have to be guessing what the glasses actually look like for now. I'll try to take a picture in them and post it soon.

Anyway, Mom and I had lunch together at Longhorn and then did a little Sunday afternoon shopping. On our last stop at Kohl's, I found some ZEBRA PRINT sheets!! They were put out in the middle of the aisle showing that they were on sale. The only sizes they had were Twin and Full. I decided I would make extra sure they didn't have more anywhere else, so I went over to the bedding section to see. Look what I found....

I was extremely happy! I have been looking for some for a while now. Until yesterday, I could never find a queen set.

I LOVE them! They definitely add to my zebra print room theme! :)

Hope your week has started off great!!

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