Saturday, October 13, 2012

Personalized Christmas Ornament

You will need:

-A box of clear glass ornaments
-Shredded paper or grass (color of your choice)

-Scrapbook letter stickers
-Ribbon (Color/print of your choice)

-Something to poke the paper in with (ex: pencil, chop stick)

Remove the lid off the ornament and began stuffing the paper (or grass) in, making sure you have enough to make it look full.  Then you can put your lid back on. Take your sticker,  and place it in the center of the ornament.  You want to make sure that you smooth it out nice and neat, and don’t leave any bubbles.  At this point you will be ready to tie on your ribbon and at this point it is up to you on how you would prefer to tie the ribbon (knot, bow, more than one).   I just used one, but you can do it however you would like.

You can get all of the supplies from Hobby Lobby for pretty cheap, and these make great gifts for friends!  Don't forget to use a 40% off coupon on the ornaments to save some money!

Happy Crafting!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

New job!

I am now working at a college bookstore with a boutique located inside of it! I love it! My main focus is going to be the boutique...clothes, jewelery,! 

Ready for my first day!
This is it! :)

 Such cute stuff!

Last minute summer fun...

Just enjoying the last few days of summer...

Is this not the cutest little mouse or what?
His name is Sketch! :)

Last Thursday, me and Michael went to Nasvhille...

And here is just a little FB cover I made :)

Sunday, July 15, 2012


Michael turned 18 yesterday! Happy Birthday to the sweetest boyfriend!

Here's a Pinterest project I did for him....
Mason jar full of skittles! With a balloon tied on!

I originally saw this craft on Pinterest but decided to change it up a tad.  I used a square mason jar (from Hobby Lobby) instead of a round one.  I used skittles instead of gum balls...mainly because Michael loves skittles & I knew he'd never chew all that gum. Definitely need a bright "fun" candy whatever you use! M&Ms or Spree would be cute!

SO...basically all you need is the mason jar of your choice, number candles, candy, and a balloon to top it off! I filled my mason jar up a little less than half way, put the numbers where I wanted them, then poured the rest of the skittles in! Easy! Side note: I bought three 16 oz bags of skittles and used almost all of them.

Balloon (from Party City)

All of Michael's goodies from me!

Birthday boy being silly & rockin his new Kavu visor!

We've had a fun weekend celebrating!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Our favorite summer thing to share...

I mean, does it really get better than this?!

Me and Michael love this stuff...we litterally get twos spoons and start damaging. 


Saturday, May 26, 2012

2012 Graduate...

Pictures from Graduation Night!

 May 25, 2012!


Me and Michael

Me and Erin

Mom, Me, Dad

"ANN & Heley"

We did it! :)

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Duct Tape Accessories

All credit goes to this site.  I just simply got the idea off of Pinterest and went for it!! Check out this tissue box...covered with duct tape! So cute and easy!

Be sure and check out my Pinterest boards sometime by clicking below!

Seniors! :)

Counting down the days til we graduate on May 25!


Michael :)

5 months later...

So here we are May...and I've missed blogging a LOT of stuff...

So here's a quick "fill-in" on the past 5 months.

First off...Christmas.

Me and Michael both got each other Fossil without knowing!  (With other stuff, but this being the main present!)

He picked out a really good charm for my new Fossil bracelet.  We met in the library so this book that opens with a heart inside was so perfect!! And thoughtful!

Here we are on New Year's!

Then on January 5, I turned 18!

So Michael took me to Outback...and got me a new charm to celebrate!

This was us on our first Valentine's Day!!

And this is what Michael crafted for me! :)

And I also got this heart charm!

Just a cute cupcake from Gigi's! :)

This was our 6 months celebration at Bridge Street! Perfect!

Had lots of pics from Spring Break...but I'll just share one!  Went to Pigeon Forge with Mom!! Fun!

Easter!! (with Ollie!)

What I put together for Michael!

And here is my Easter basket!

Got these kicks when I went to Nasvhille...Michael and I took a special trip on prom day instead of going to prom! We had a wonderful time!

That's just a VERY brief update for now!