Thursday, July 22, 2010

Summer...Please Slow Down!

I seriously can't believe that school will be starting in just a few short weeks. I am NOT ready to go back. :( I love summer days...swimming, shopping, just hanging out at home. I looove spending the days with my mommy! I hope these last few weeks go as slow as possible. Haha!

But, the plus side of going back to school is the back-to-school shopping!! And that is exactly what mom and I did today. I found some cute new clothes for school...and a bunch of stuff was on sale! :) I got some jackets, tops, and some new camis that were buy one, get one free!

I also found some really cute wedges...$50.00 on sale for $9.00! Gotta love that kind of shopping!

Even though I don't want to say goodbye to summer, I am getting ready for some Alabama football. Everyone keeps bringing up football, and it's making me ready to watch Bama play! I've never really been big on football until last year. I think I watched every game! So, with that said...Roll Tide! :)


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  1. I LOVE spending the summer days with you too! Love you so much!!!