Friday, July 30, 2010

Personalize It Clock!

Wednesday when Mom and I went to Hobby Lobby, I found the cutest craft idea! It looked like it would be perfect for my I decided I would try it. I've always liked trying new little crafts and making decorations. This one was really fun, cheap, and super easy to do!

If you want to make your is SIMPLE!
What you need:

-The Personalize It clock (or some kind of similar clock).
That's the most expensive part - $14.99 at Hobby Lobby.
It wasn't half price, but if I would have thought about it, I could have looked for the 40% off coupon. (Would have saved some money!)
This clock is very easy to take apart and put back together.

-Scrapbook paper - Hobby Lobby has TONS! They also sell it cheap! Catch it half-price, and it's an even better deal!!

-Gemstones - I got two different sizes.
I used bigger ones for around the outside, then smaller ones for the inside.
They are around $2.99 a pack...but if you go when they are half-price like I did, it makes the project even cheaper! I'm all about the bargains if you can't tell! Haha!
The gemstones come in a strip.
You just pull them off the sheet and stick them where you want them! Easy!
I thought about not doing the gemstones, but I'm glad I decided to. They definitely make it look cuter!

-Stickers are optional. They would be used to change up the way the numbers look.
I didn't do that though. Guess it depends on what look you're going for as to whether you want to use the stickers or not.

Overall I spent $21.66...not too bad for a really cute clock that matches my room perfectly!!

My sister is thinking about doing her one, too!
I think a Bama one would be cute...houndstooth and crimson paper!
There are sooo many different things you can do!
I absolutely love mine! Just another reason I loooove Hobby Lobby! :)

*Special thanks to my mom!! She helped me get this clock looking good!
Thanks Mom! I love you! :)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday Pictures, Images and Photos
Today is Thankful Thursday over at Simple.Little.Joys!

What am I thankful for this week?
Here are just a few random things...

- The little babysitting jobs that have given me summer spending money.

- All of my shopping trips with Mom. I love our summer shopping days! We've been able to take quite a few this week, and I've enjoyed every one of them!

- Being able to spend time with Mom and Mema today. We got to stay by the pool for just a little bit, then a storm came. So we just sat around and talked.

-These retainers I have in my mouth. Even though they are driving me crazy, I'm thankful I have them instead of braces. :)

- The good news about the mission trip my church has been on this week. It sounds like God has really done a great work this week!

-Ollie. That little kitty just keeps us laughing!

(Can't forget my Fuzzy, though...he might be old and not liking Oliver all that much, but I'm still thankful for him, too. Haha! :) )

- Picnics by the pool. Had one today!

-The pretty sunflowers I see every time I look out my window.

The list goes on and on...I have so much to be thankful for!! God is just so good!

Hope this "Thankful Thursday" has been good for you!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Happy Wednesday!

Well, it's the middle of the week yet again!! Hopefully you're having a great week so far!

Yesterday, I went shopping with Mom and Erin. I was really going to just be with them and not buy anything...but that didn't happened. Haha!

Me and Erin got new phone covers and also new screen protection covers. They were buy one, get one half price. So we did that. Mine looks almost exactly the same. Zebra print. Except this one has the Alabama A on the back. It looks waaaay whiter, too. My white had gotten pretty dirty. Erin got a really cute cover, too!

I also got a few new clothes and 2 necklaces.

I got this one from Charlotte Russe for $5.99! I've been wanting a key necklace, and this one was cute, but cheap, so I bought it. I also found an owl necklace.

My plans for the day....

-I'm going to get my neon pink retainers!! Top AND bottom. I should have a lovely lisp for a while. Haha. I already have a permanent retainer on top, and now I get the joy of the removables. :)

-Me and Mom are going to a store I LOVE...Hobby Lobby!

-Tonight = church! Our church is doing a VBS type thing every Wednesday night for the summer. The theme is High Seas Expedition, and I help with the snacks. What's on the menu for tonight? Forgiveness Clouds. :)

I've found several blogs lately. It made me realize that mine is not very cute at all...but I'm still learning. Haha! I really want to start linking up and participating in other weekly blog if you have weekly things you participate in, please share!! :)

Have a wonderful Wednesday!!

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P.S. I got my summer reading book yesterday! I've read about 5 pages. I think that's a great start. HA!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Zebra Print Sheets and Glasses...

Yesterday after church, Mom and I headed to do a little shopping. I needed to find a few shirts to go with some outfits, and I also wanted to pick up my new glasses!! I have never worn glasses (always contacts) so the old pair I have, I never wore anywhere but at home....except for once when I HAD to wear them. I recently decided I wanted some cuter ones to possibly wear out and about, so I had been on the lookout for some. I ordered them this past Thursday, and they weren't supposed to be in until this Thursday...BUT Saturday afternoon we got a call saying they were in.

I thought the case they came in was just adorable!! Very shiny and red...cute! :)

You'll just have to be guessing what the glasses actually look like for now. I'll try to take a picture in them and post it soon.

Anyway, Mom and I had lunch together at Longhorn and then did a little Sunday afternoon shopping. On our last stop at Kohl's, I found some ZEBRA PRINT sheets!! They were put out in the middle of the aisle showing that they were on sale. The only sizes they had were Twin and Full. I decided I would make extra sure they didn't have more anywhere else, so I went over to the bedding section to see. Look what I found....

I was extremely happy! I have been looking for some for a while now. Until yesterday, I could never find a queen set.

I LOVE them! They definitely add to my zebra print room theme! :)

Hope your week has started off great!!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Summer Reading??

So now that summer is almost over, I figured it's time to start my summer reading! Haha! Yeah...I'm guess I'm a little late on that. But it IS summer after all. I really don't want to spend my break reading a boring book that does not interest me whatsoever. Ha!

I absolutely HATE to read! I used to buy a book that looked good, then never even open it! I just don't read! But, about a year ago I found an author that I love. That would be Chad Eastham. His books are amazing!

Seriously...if every book was as good as these are, I would have no problem reading.
So anyways, as for the whole summer reading thing, I really need to get started. Maybe I can get to the library and pick up a book soon. Don't want to make an F on the first test I take of my Junior year! Haha!
I sure hope your weekend has been lovely! Friday, Mom and I swam and just relaxed by the pool. Today, I've just enjoyed a verrry hot day outside. I'm trying to soak up all the sun I can before school starts! :)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Summer...Please Slow Down!

I seriously can't believe that school will be starting in just a few short weeks. I am NOT ready to go back. :( I love summer days...swimming, shopping, just hanging out at home. I looove spending the days with my mommy! I hope these last few weeks go as slow as possible. Haha!

But, the plus side of going back to school is the back-to-school shopping!! And that is exactly what mom and I did today. I found some cute new clothes for school...and a bunch of stuff was on sale! :) I got some jackets, tops, and some new camis that were buy one, get one free!

I also found some really cute wedges...$50.00 on sale for $9.00! Gotta love that kind of shopping!

Even though I don't want to say goodbye to summer, I am getting ready for some Alabama football. Everyone keeps bringing up football, and it's making me ready to watch Bama play! I've never really been big on football until last year. I think I watched every game! So, with that said...Roll Tide! :)


Monday, July 19, 2010

Sunday to Monday...

Yesterday was a pretty great day, and today hasn't been so bad either.

We had Bro. Bill Stafford filling in for Pastor Tim yesterday at church. He's one of the best preachers in the world. He's always on fire, hilarious, and most importantly he loves Jesus and wants to see people know Him.

Ever saw this movie? Remember Mr. Rudolph? Yep, that's Bro. Bill. :)

I got sooo many nice compliments on my smile yesterday! And also the new dress I wore. :)

I wanted to take a picture with my sister yesterday, but after church she went to Doublehead to see Casey, her boyfriend. He just got back from a mission trip in the Ukraine, so she spent the afternoon with him and his family.

I also did a little shopping with my best friend yesterday. We decided to go to the movies last minute, but didn't make it in we went shopping instead. :)

Now, on a different note, this little guy has been AWFUL this weekend. One minute he's chewing on a plug in the wall, the next he's behind the couch running around like he's crazy. And he is starting to bite all the time! He is outside in the hot right now since he couldn't stay out of trouble. I want sweet little Ollie back! Haha!

Well...Happy Monday!! Hope your week has started off great!


Saturday, July 17, 2010

Very First Post! :)

So, I'm new to this whole blogging thing. I don't really know where to start. I don't really have anything special I'm blogging about, I just want to blog! Kelly's Korner & A Love Worth Waiting For are my two all time favorite blogs. :)

So for me, I just decided to blog. I'll probably share about shopping trips, past events, daily adventures, school...who knows what else! I just thought this looked fun, and I'm going to give it a try!

Now, I'll go ahead and share a little story from today.

We found a little kitty on July 4th. My sister, Erin, found him at church.. We were just going to rescue him, but of course we ended up keeping him. His name is Oliver, and he is a MESS! He is going to be an outside cat, but he's so little we are letting him stay inside some for right now.
So anyways, this morning I let Oliver in right before I sat down to eat my lovely breakfast my mom cooked. That was a mistake. I was sitting there enjoying my food, and he decided to climb UP my leg to get some of MY food. This kitty may be small, but his claws are sharp! He left me with ugly little claw marks all over my leg. The only thing I could think about is that tomorrow is Sunday, and I'm wearing a dress...a NEW dress. Guess I'll be wearing scratches on my leg, too. Although I did get rather upset with him, I still can't help but love him. :)

Now, I did say I'm wearing a new dress tomorrow. I bought it especially for tomorrow. Why? Because tomorrow is the first time I will get all dressed up and go to church without my braces!! :D I got them off this past week. After 3 years of having braces, I am VERRRY happy with my new smile.

Hope you're having a great weekend!!


P.S. My blog isn't all that cute yet...I'm trying to figure everything out. Any suggestions or tips are welcome! :)