Monday, July 19, 2010

Sunday to Monday...

Yesterday was a pretty great day, and today hasn't been so bad either.

We had Bro. Bill Stafford filling in for Pastor Tim yesterday at church. He's one of the best preachers in the world. He's always on fire, hilarious, and most importantly he loves Jesus and wants to see people know Him.

Ever saw this movie? Remember Mr. Rudolph? Yep, that's Bro. Bill. :)

I got sooo many nice compliments on my smile yesterday! And also the new dress I wore. :)

I wanted to take a picture with my sister yesterday, but after church she went to Doublehead to see Casey, her boyfriend. He just got back from a mission trip in the Ukraine, so she spent the afternoon with him and his family.

I also did a little shopping with my best friend yesterday. We decided to go to the movies last minute, but didn't make it in we went shopping instead. :)

Now, on a different note, this little guy has been AWFUL this weekend. One minute he's chewing on a plug in the wall, the next he's behind the couch running around like he's crazy. And he is starting to bite all the time! He is outside in the hot right now since he couldn't stay out of trouble. I want sweet little Ollie back! Haha!

Well...Happy Monday!! Hope your week has started off great!


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