Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Weekend & First Day of School

This past Saturday night, my family and I went to eat supper and swim with my sister's boyfriend's family. It has been just soooo hot here that their pool felt like bath water. Seriously. It was really warm, but we enjoyed ourselves.

Erin and I

Erin made a very yummy & cute cookie cake to take over to their house.

Sunday was, of course, church! Sunday night was a great time of testimonies for the domestic mission trip team.

Yesterday was my first day of my Junior year.

Honestly, it was not very good. I think EVERY schedule in the whole school is messed up. It's a mess. I don't even have a history class...but oh well! Who needs history anyway? Well, I guess I do since I'm supposed to be taking a college history class this year. Hopefully everything will be worked out soon. It's just crazy trying to get what classes I need and drop the useless ones. I don't think I've ever not had a core class though! That's how bad the schedules are messed up.

Today was ok. Still not the best. I did get a top locker, though. The first week is always super wild and crazy. I'm just ready for it to be OVER!!

This afternoon, I was waiting for the tardy bell to ring in my Science class when this girl sat down smiling in front of me. She seemed really happy and nice. I honestly thought she was just a super friendly new kid. Haha. I was way wrong.

Turns out she was my best friend from the 2nd grade!! She remembered exactly who I was. She used to have blonde hair, but now it's dark brown, so she looked a little different. But, after she told me who she was, I totally remembered her. Crazy, huh?

Hope your week has started off great. These past two days have been super long, boring, and tiring for me. So as for now, I'm just waiting on Friday...and Summer 2011. :)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Pool Day, School Supplies, & Yellow Box

Ahh, look at that lovely water. It would look even better if this pic wasn't from my phone. Haha.
Yesterday, Mom and I had a nice time swimming. It was very hot and sunny, so we decided to hang out by the pool. Not many more days of that left, if any, before school starts. :(

Today, Mom and I are going to Staples to get all the school supplies we had planned to get on Tuesday. Then tonight, I will get my Junior Year school schedule.

Okay. Everyone loves yellow box flip-flops. Between me, my mom, and my sister, we have a pretty good collection. I haven't been sporting mine much this summer, though. I've been wearing a lot of t-strap sandals...I love those!!

Anyway, this morning I was trying to decide what to wear when I realized I had a really cute pair of Yellow box in my closet. I had left them in the box, so I never really noticed them. I think I've worn them once. Well, I'm wearing them today!! They have a white background with pink polka dots! Kinda like I got a new pair of shoes.

But on another note, it's terrible to think I have a pair of shoes that I've had over a year and worn them one time when there are a lot of little boys and girls with no shoes at all. I am so blessed with all that I have. A lot of times, I will get upset when I have "nothing to wear" when it's really just that I don't want to wear what I have. There are no telling how many things I've worn once and then just decided I didn't like. I mean, these are a good pair of shoes...not a $5 pair...but yet, I've worn them maybe once?? So today I'm reminded to be very thankful! I am one blessed girl!

Hope you have a great Thursday! :)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Little Shopping Trip

Well, me and Mom decided to do a little more than grocery and school supplies shopping today.
We went to the mall, Target, Sam's, and we also stopped by Hobby Lobby to pick up a Personalize It clock for my sister.
I did happen to find a really cute swimsuit (50% off!) and a cute cover-up that was also on sale. We just had a simple little shopping day. :)

I also found the CUTEST container today.

Okay, let me explain. Last school year, I took a pack of pop-tarts every day for lunch. Yeah, I know - kinda strange. But, they made a good lunch for me! Pretty much every day, the people that sat at my lunch table would ask "What kind you got today, Anna?" Seriously. That was like the daily question! Haha! It was no doubt that every day I would have a different flavor pop-tart for lunch.

So, me and Mom were at Wal-Mart, and I saw this and just about died. How can something so simple make me as happy as this did? I don't know. Maybe I'm just a simple little person...or plain crazy. I'm sure everyone around me thought I was crazy. I mean I was EXCITED!

But anyway...I now have a very cute container to take my pop-tarts to school in. Haha!! :)

This would be my little lunch box that I found today...and the sandwich container to match. I probably don't even need this sandwich container since I now have an awesome pop-tart one...but that's for the occasional PB&J I may take. And it was only a dollar. :)

Have a great night! :)

YAY!! New followers! :)

Well, first off...I hope you're having an awesome week. If this week goes by extremely slow for you, I'm sorry. That's what I wished for. Haha! It's my last week of summer, so I'm hoping it will be a great, memorable, and VERY slow week! :)

This morning, I got on to check my blog, and seeing I no longer had 2 followers, but 5!! That just made my whole day! Haha! And 4 comments on one post - oh yess!!
I'm partly kidding, but I did hate the fact that I was practically blogging to myself. Ha! Not anymore! :D
By the way...the 2 followers I had were my mom and sister. They already know everything about me and what all goes on! Ha! :)

Anyway, enough of all that. I just wanted to say thanks for following my blog, and I hope you'll keep reading!

So, I did say I would post a picture of me in my new glasses. I wore them Sunday to church. I walked in and my sister almost didn't know who I was!

I guess my style was just a little different - I like trying out different styles. I don't really have one particular "look". As long as it's modest and cute, I'll give it a try. Some things I can pull off, others not so much. I'm sure you know how that goes! :)

Today, I'm going to get my hair cut. Or should I say trimmed?
You shouldn't be able to notice a difference...I'll put it that way! :)
After that, Mom and I are going to get groceries and some school supplies.
Hope you have a lovely day!! Thanks again for stopping by!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday - Simple Pleasures

Top 2 Tuesday from The Undomestic Momma
Topic for this week - Top 2 Simple Pleasures

So...here are my simple pleasures!

1.) A day when the sky is clear and very blue with not a cloud in sight! That is my favorite kind of day. It makes everything just look so "crisp" and bright. :)

2.) Sunday afternoon naps. That is pretty much the only day I can take a good nap. They are simply the best!

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