Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Happy Wednesday!

Well, it's the middle of the week yet again!! Hopefully you're having a great week so far!

Yesterday, I went shopping with Mom and Erin. I was really going to just be with them and not buy anything...but that didn't happened. Haha!

Me and Erin got new phone covers and also new screen protection covers. They were buy one, get one half price. So we did that. Mine looks almost exactly the same. Zebra print. Except this one has the Alabama A on the back. It looks waaaay whiter, too. My white had gotten pretty dirty. Erin got a really cute cover, too!

I also got a few new clothes and 2 necklaces.

I got this one from Charlotte Russe for $5.99! I've been wanting a key necklace, and this one was cute, but cheap, so I bought it. I also found an owl necklace.

My plans for the day....

-I'm going to get my neon pink retainers!! Top AND bottom. I should have a lovely lisp for a while. Haha. I already have a permanent retainer on top, and now I get the joy of the removables. :)

-Me and Mom are going to a store I LOVE...Hobby Lobby!

-Tonight = church! Our church is doing a VBS type thing every Wednesday night for the summer. The theme is High Seas Expedition, and I help with the snacks. What's on the menu for tonight? Forgiveness Clouds. :)

I've found several blogs lately. It made me realize that mine is not very cute at all...but I'm still learning. Haha! I really want to start linking up and participating in other weekly blog if you have weekly things you participate in, please share!! :)

Have a wonderful Wednesday!!

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P.S. I got my summer reading book yesterday! I've read about 5 pages. I think that's a great start. HA!

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