Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Last First Day

Yesterday, August 15, was my last first day of high school!!! I have to say there is just something different about going back to school when you're a Senior. It still feels kinda unreal right now...but I'm loving every second of it! I also got my schedule just the way I want it. Yesterday in 5th, I got called to change it. (Thank goodness!) I now have late arrival AND still have my early release! Yay! I had the best first day ever!!!

This morning I woke up with vertigo. It was awful. I have never had it before, but my dad has...so thankfully we had medicine for it. Being so dizzy and sick to your stomach like that is crazy. It makes you feel just plain awful. Thankfully the medicine kicked in fast, and I was able to go to school. I was just super tired all day from the medicine. I think you're also supposed to sleep the vertigo off...but I didn't want to miss the 2nd day of school! I came home this afternoon and slept hard for quite a while.

Ready to see what tomorrow brings!

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