Sunday, September 4, 2011

Busy Being A SENIOR!

I'm in love with Senior year! It is by far the best!

Time is flying by already though. Can't believe we're already out for Labor Day1! (Tomorrow!)

Below are some pics of what I've been up too lately...

^This is the back of our letter shirts. Some of us Senior girls spell out "Seniors 2012" at the pep rallys and plan on spelling it out at some games as well. I am the first S!

^We all met up at Maggie's house to make our Senior crowns for the first pep rally!
^First pep rally of the season! 08/26/11
^For the second pep rally, we made bandanas!!

^Second pep rally! 09/02/11. Also, Playing for Preemies pep rally!

Our Tigers haven't pulled out a win for us yet...we've actually got killed both weeks...but going to the games is still fun! :)

At least Bama had a great win for us yesterday!!! Roll Tide!

^In the midst of all that, my sister graudated from college last Saturday!! Congrats to her! We even celebrated at Red favorite!!!

Everything is going great for me as a Senior so far. I am really enjoying it!

Have a great Labor day!!

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