Thursday, August 11, 2011

And so it begins....

First of all...let me say I had another shopping trip today. Found tons of cute stuff on sale...that I can wear to school! Yay! :)

Also got some more school supplies today. Office depot had some great stuff on sale. As in $4.00 pens for $1.00! Yes, a dollar! I love good deals like that. They had yellow sale signs everywhere!! We went to get some pencils that I love and can only find there...but we came out with more than just pencils. Haha :)

^Those are my absolute favorite pencils! Got 2 packs...should last for a while!

I am so excited about Senior year. I got my schedule tonight (NOTE: LAST HIGH SCHOOL SCHEDULE!!!), and it isn't too bad at all!! I pretty much have 3 free classes (as in I will be a teacher's aide most likely). It looks like I have early release as of right now. Some things might change. Not 100% sure at the moment. But, so far, I can't complain. I think I have finally learned that you can't worry about stuff like this in high school. You just gotta go with the flow on stuff like schedules...and be PATIENT. Haha. I seem to have several classes with lots of that's another plus. Can't wait to see what all this year has in store.

So, I'd say it has begun...all the lasts are headed my!!

Yay for Seniors 2012!! :)

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