Thursday, August 5, 2010

Pool Day, School Supplies, & Yellow Box

Ahh, look at that lovely water. It would look even better if this pic wasn't from my phone. Haha.
Yesterday, Mom and I had a nice time swimming. It was very hot and sunny, so we decided to hang out by the pool. Not many more days of that left, if any, before school starts. :(

Today, Mom and I are going to Staples to get all the school supplies we had planned to get on Tuesday. Then tonight, I will get my Junior Year school schedule.

Okay. Everyone loves yellow box flip-flops. Between me, my mom, and my sister, we have a pretty good collection. I haven't been sporting mine much this summer, though. I've been wearing a lot of t-strap sandals...I love those!!

Anyway, this morning I was trying to decide what to wear when I realized I had a really cute pair of Yellow box in my closet. I had left them in the box, so I never really noticed them. I think I've worn them once. Well, I'm wearing them today!! They have a white background with pink polka dots! Kinda like I got a new pair of shoes.

But on another note, it's terrible to think I have a pair of shoes that I've had over a year and worn them one time when there are a lot of little boys and girls with no shoes at all. I am so blessed with all that I have. A lot of times, I will get upset when I have "nothing to wear" when it's really just that I don't want to wear what I have. There are no telling how many things I've worn once and then just decided I didn't like. I mean, these are a good pair of shoes...not a $5 pair...but yet, I've worn them maybe once?? So today I'm reminded to be very thankful! I am one blessed girl!

Hope you have a great Thursday! :)

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