Saturday, January 22, 2011

Christmas Eve/Day

Wow, it's been a while. The next few posts will be catching up...
Over the past several weeks, we've enjoyed a wonderful Christmas, a lovely New Year's, I turned 17, and we have just recently been out of school for a whole week for about 8 inches of snow. Snow is a huge deal in Alabama. We NEVER get it...but for some reason, we are this year! (I think more than we can deal with! Haha!)

So - on to the Christmas post!

Christmas Eve morning, we (Mom, Dad, Erin, and myself) exchanged presents with each other. Christmas Eve around lunch time, Erin's boyfriend came over, and we had our present exchange with him. Christmas Eve night, we went to Popa and Granny's for Christmas with Dad's side of the family. We had a great time. We had lots of good food, and we also got our usual Coffee Punch that my aunt fixes us every year at Christmas...yum! Christmas with them is quite entertaining with the little kids. We had our present exchange and played...then, it was time to go back home to get ready for Santa!

Christmas morning, we woke up to SNOW. A white Christmas...everyone's dream! It was nice. We got up and opened Santa presents and then ran outside to play just a bit before we headed to my other grandparents house. Thankfully it wasn't too much where we couldn't go anywhere, but we just had to be extra careful on our way to Christmas with Mom's side of the family.

Here's just a few pics from Christmas Eve & Christmas Day...

Christmas at Popa & Granny's.


Me and Addison (while we were waiting to open presents!)

One of my presents was...houndstooth rainboots!

Christmas Day Morning! (Time for Santa presents!)


Santa did good! Look at all that ZEBRA print stuff!


(Erin and I...we decided we'd get out our little umbrellas cause we were getting SOAKED!)
I loved being able to wear my rainboots since I just got them the night before!

(Me, Erin)

Erin, Me, & Buddy

Our snow woman - Sarah :)

Me and Erin with Sarah

Dad and Mom

Our 2nd Snowman - Ty (Sarah's boyfriend)

My first snowcream (that I remember eating!) And we just thought we got a lot of snow on Christmas....never knew we'd end up with 8 inches in the following days!

Anway, Christmas with Mom's side was great! We had a yummy breakfast and then opened presents...

One of my presents....
I was very happy to get my iPod Touch 4! :D

Okay, that is just a very little glimpse at our Christmas with just a few of the many pics we took.
Now...on to the next "catch-up" post! :)

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