Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Time!

Wow! I can't believe Christmas is here already!!
Here's some pics from our December days!

Here is my Christmas Tree! (I actually put it up a little before I've been enjoying it for a while!)

Erin and I at the Christmas tree farm
(We always cut a tree every year!)

And here it is all decorated.

This is my Hallmark Barbie ornament...I collect these!

Of course Ollie has been a good addition this Christmas. :)

We have made more Tea Cake cookies this year than ever I think! They are so good and cute...
but I think we are about tired of seeing them for now! :)

Lots of posing in front of the Christmas tree has gone on of course!

Erin & Me...ready for a Christmas party

This cute little tin I got was FULL of candy to the top!

A few of my presents from friends!

Just a pic of Erin and me

And lastly, this would be me in my $88 houndstooth coat that I got for under $30!
It is very warm...perfect for these cold days we've had!

Hope your holiday season has been great!

Merry Christmas!

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