Saturday, January 22, 2011

Snow days!! (Toooo many!)

...Another catch-up post...I am quite behind. :)

Okay, the week of January 10th was possibly the longest week ever. In the South, 8 inches of snow is considered a huge blizzard. We don't go anywhere or do anything. Everything closes. We sit at home and play outside. Simple as that. Therefore, school was canceled all week long...which we hadn't even been back from Christmas break but for 3 days.

Let me break it down for you...

Sunday night: It's gonna snow! It's gonna snow! EVERYBODY and their momma was buying milk and bread. Every bread shelf was pretty much empty. Sunday, shortly after we got in from church, the snow started coming down. School was canceled. So, Facebook is all about being out of school and the snow that is coming down extremely fast & heavy.

Monday: We were EXCITED! SNOW!!! 8 inches!! Crazy! Dad was off of work, everyone was home. We got up, ate breakfast, bundled up, and headed out. It was freezing. Now, remember...I haven't saw this much snow before. It was quite an experience. We built a snowman (a REAL snowman...not like Sarah or Ty from Christmas!), made snowcream, threw many snowballs, etc. It was just a fun snow day.

Tuesday: The snow hasn't gone anywhere. Cool. We played a little, but not much. None of the snow went anywhere, but Dad thought it was okay to go into work. He made it safely. School was (needless to say) still out.

Wednesday: Boredom started to set in. No school & church service was canceled. We thought the snow would start melting sometime during the day. We figured we'd even have school on Thursday. Wrong. Day 3 of sitting at home = EXTREMELY LONG. There is only so much you can do in the snow. We HAD to go somewhere on Thursday. I couldn't sit here any longer. Not that my house is just awfully boring...but after 3 days of NOTHING, it's kinda rough! Haha.

Thursday: Still lots of snow on the ground, but we were pretty sure we could make it out shopping. We did, and it was FUN. We even enjoyed a wonderful lunch at Cracker Barrel. Thank goodness for getting out of the house. There were some bad spots on the roads, and the parking lots were awful...but we made it. :) I thought we'd might have school Friday. (I was actually hoping we would!) I was wrong once again.

Friday: No school...and no school on Monday for MLK day. Wow. A loooong break from school...just after a looong Christmas break. Everyone was wanting to go to school (due to boredom. Ha!) but, we were out once again because of the parking lots and some road conditions.
But, that's okay! We made it. And now, I've had a real snow experience. We had a week to slow down and just enjoy God's beautiful creation.

School this week was Tuesday - Thursday like normal. Friday we woke up Yeah. 2 hour delay. They won't cancel it now like they would before because of all the days we already have to make up. But that is okay. We don't want to go to school on Spring Break! It was a bit icy on the roads, but thankfully, I made it to school. I did hear of some cars going in the ditch, though.'s Saturday & guess what? We are supposed to be getting more snow and ice this coming week. This is ALABAMA! We want to know where this snow is coming from! This never happens and, as much as we loved it on January 10th, we are completely tired of snow! Haha

Here's some snow day pics!

Me, Dad, Mom, Erin

Me & Erin with the big snowman

Ollie:) He liked the snow for about 5 minutes...then he was crying to go in. Silly kitty.

On another note, Sunday night after church, Meredith and I had some best friend time!

Meredith & Me
(pic from iPod)

Alrighty, that's all of my catch-up posts for now. :) Thanks for reading!

Happy Weekend!

P.S. - Thursday (when we went shopping) I finally bought a hat like I've been wanting forever! :D

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