Sunday, October 16, 2011

Havin a good ole time....

Well, I had originally planned to blog pretty often for my Senior year....but as you can see, that didn't work to well for me.

Here's what has been going on lately!

These next several pictures are of me and my boyfriend Michael. We started dating September 18! :)

We are actually library aides together at school and that's how we even started talking. He's super sweet and I love having him around!

Here are a couple of pics from pep rallies...

I got voted "Best Dressed" out of my Senior Class for Senior Who's Who!

Here is a pic with the guy I got voted with!

Below are some pictures from my LAST HOMECOMING WEEK!!!!

Monday - Senior Dress Up Day! I was "Lil Miss Red" (Little Red Riding Hood)

Me and Michael! He dressed up as Fez. :)Alice in WonderlandCowboy vs. Indian Day1Me and Michael!This pic was on Nerd Day...wasn't feeling nerdy...Last Black and Gold Day!

I'm still enjoying Senior year!! It is going by so fast though. Having fun & making memories forsure!

Happy Sunday! :)

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