Tuesday, November 2, 2010


NO SCHOOL TODAY!! It's parenting day! :)
We get out of school a lot this month. Along with today, we get out next Thursday, and then at the end of the month for Thanksgiving break...and we even got out early last Tuesday for bad weather.

Last Sunday afternoon (10-24) was the tailgate party at church...the one I made the cookies for. :)

Our pre-tailgate outfits. Haha! Meredith and I totally didn't plan this, but we did have on our Bama outfits that Sunday morning. :)

(I feel so short when I stand by Meredith...and I'm really not all that short - 5'5.....and a half! Meredith is just tall. Haha!)

Erin and Me. (Sisters divided...ROLL TIDE!)

On another note, check out these pretty mums Casey got Erin!

Hope your week has started off great!

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