Sunday, July 15, 2012


Michael turned 18 yesterday! Happy Birthday to the sweetest boyfriend!

Here's a Pinterest project I did for him....
Mason jar full of skittles! With a balloon tied on!

I originally saw this craft on Pinterest but decided to change it up a tad.  I used a square mason jar (from Hobby Lobby) instead of a round one.  I used skittles instead of gum balls...mainly because Michael loves skittles & I knew he'd never chew all that gum. Definitely need a bright "fun" candy whatever you use! M&Ms or Spree would be cute!

SO...basically all you need is the mason jar of your choice, number candles, candy, and a balloon to top it off! I filled my mason jar up a little less than half way, put the numbers where I wanted them, then poured the rest of the skittles in! Easy! Side note: I bought three 16 oz bags of skittles and used almost all of them.

Balloon (from Party City)

All of Michael's goodies from me!

Birthday boy being silly & rockin his new Kavu visor!

We've had a fun weekend celebrating!

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