Sunday, May 6, 2012

5 months later...

So here we are May...and I've missed blogging a LOT of stuff...

So here's a quick "fill-in" on the past 5 months.

First off...Christmas.

Me and Michael both got each other Fossil without knowing!  (With other stuff, but this being the main present!)

He picked out a really good charm for my new Fossil bracelet.  We met in the library so this book that opens with a heart inside was so perfect!! And thoughtful!

Here we are on New Year's!

Then on January 5, I turned 18!

So Michael took me to Outback...and got me a new charm to celebrate!

This was us on our first Valentine's Day!!

And this is what Michael crafted for me! :)

And I also got this heart charm!

Just a cute cupcake from Gigi's! :)

This was our 6 months celebration at Bridge Street! Perfect!

Had lots of pics from Spring Break...but I'll just share one!  Went to Pigeon Forge with Mom!! Fun!

Easter!! (with Ollie!)

What I put together for Michael!

And here is my Easter basket!

Got these kicks when I went to Nasvhille...Michael and I took a special trip on prom day instead of going to prom! We had a wonderful time!

That's just a VERY brief update for now!

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