Sunday, July 24, 2011

It's been awhile...

So, summer is just about gone, and I haven't blogged the first time! BUT, I've had an amazing summer and stayed super busy! I was gonna upload tons of pics, but Blogger is giving me an that will have to wait.

My beach trip with Laura was AMAZINGLY GREAT!! Sooo much fun. I could go back to the beach right this second!

I've been working for my dad this summer answering phones and doing paperwork at the store he manages. Thankful to be able to make some money!

I'm actually not dreading going back to of right now. Haha:) I think I'm excited about SENIOR year! Just about done with highschool! Gotta make this year count!

Speaking of SENIOR...I got my senior pics taken and absolutely love them!! (Not the ones the school did, but the ones where I chose the photographer.) We spent 2 hours out in the super hot in around 110 degree heat index! But it was SO fun & definitely more than worth it. The pics turned out great. I'll share those soon!

I'll try to post all my recent pictures soon!


  1. Anna,
    Your blog is super cute!!

  2. Thanks, Veronika!! I think I just found your mom's blog to follow! :)