Monday, October 11, 2010

It's All About the Houndstooth...

Mom and I went shopping today. Ahh, it almost felt like our summer shopping days! Haha. I bought way too much, but we had a great time....and pretty much everything I bought was one sale. :)

I've seen some people wearing this houndstooth hat recently...

...and I loved it! Today, I bought my own. My sister thinks I'm crazy for buying a hat because I NEVER wear hats. EVER. I just thought this was too cute, though!!

I also found the cutest houndstooth shoes...for $12!

Why were these very cute houndstooth shoes on sale?
Probably because Alabama messed up big time on Saturday. Ha! I'm kidding.

Houndstooth is for sure my second weakness - zebra print is my first. Ha!

Tomorrow = ortho appointment (retainer check-up) and more shopping!

Hope you've have a great Monday!

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