Tuesday, May 3, 2011

From Easter to Tornadoes..

First off, we had a wonderful Easter!! It was a beautiful Lord's day, and we enjoyed our time together.

Erin, Mom, Dad, Me

Erin & Me.

Erin, Dad, Me

My Easter basket.

This past week has been totally different. I have seen something I have never seen before...a natural disaster in my own state. As I'm sure you have heard, Alabama was torn apart last Wednesday. I am SO thankful that my family was safe during all the many tornadoes. Our house was safe as well. But, many people (as close to about 8 miles from us) had everything taken away. Houses are destroyed, and many people lost loved ones. It's crazy to see complete devastation so close by.

Power has still not been resotred everywhere yet. Thankfully, we only lost power at my house for about 30 minutes on the day of the storms. So many people are still without power, though. We just got internet back at my house today, and T.V. has been in and out. We've been out of school and are supposed to go back Thursday if everything goes as planned.

Please keep Alabama in your thoughts and prayers!

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